Immanuel Bible Teaching Ministry

The ministry is properly approved by the government of Federal Republic of Nigeria decree act 1, 1990 with the approved number: CAC/IT/NO84663.
The following are the aims/objectives of the ministry which are duly registered.

  1. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ
  3. To equip the people for the work of evangelism
  4. To provide assistance for the needy in the society.
  5. To plant churches and engage in Christian activities worldwide
  6. To encourage work unity among all Jesus Christ believers
  7. To teach people the world of God by establishing Bible teaching centres worldwide.
We rivere for many years to provide a place where young men and women of different denominations, backgrounds and experience could gather together to study and experience the glory of God.
As you will discover, IBTM is not a traditional Bible college. It is a training centre birthed specifically for hose whose strongest desire is to worship in spirt and in truth, and where the word of God and the Holy spirit come together to produce life birth ministries and launch them out.
The word will challenge those of you attending to find charity in your calling, and be challenged by the awesome presence of God. Immanuel Bible Teaching Ministry (IBTM) will deepen your relationship and experience in the Lord, and provide you with new perspective on how to reach others with God’s life-changing power.
You can be saturated in the word and the spirit of God at Immanuel Bible Teaching Ministry (IBTM). It is the place where you will be empowered to reach your high calling and set you worldwide on the fire with revival.

  • Are you ready to join the army of the Lord?
  • Are you ready to shake the nations for the Christ?
  • Are you ready to be that person that God is searching to reveal his Glory?
  • Do you have it in you?

If you do… come and join us let us shake the world for Jesus Christ


VISION: Immanuel Bible Teaching Ministry (IBMT Online) is an internet and church-based theological Bible School to provide the most extensive, integrated, Biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, life-transforming curriculum package available in the world today.

MISSION: Our primary goal is to fulfill the Great Commission to Disciple, Train, Equip, and Empower Spirit-Filled Leaders to Disciple Nations and improving Sensitivity to the Voice of God, who adhere to Bible-based Education – REAL LIFE, TRANSFORMATIONAL, BIBLICALLY-GROUNDED, REVELATION-BASED LEARNING.


The ministry started in 2009 as a Bible study outreach in Akinyele town, Akinyele Local Government area of Oyo state, Nigeria with four (4) members. It was converted to a church after an opened air crusade in the same venue.The crusade was full of testimonies, healing from various sickness and diseases, over twelve (12) barren women were blessed with children, and a dead woman “Deborah Bakare”, an eight month girl rose to life at Olose Maternity clinic and still alive till today.

Today church is growing under his Lordship with close to (100) One Hundred members. You can worship with us at the Glory assemblies Bible church, Akinyele town, Akinyele Local Government area, Oyo State and our students church, Sanitary of Love located at Edexcel University Campus, Ifangni, Benin Republic with the current population of close to (300) Three Hundred members.
Your donations shall be highly appreciated especially for the less privilege students and members.

We are committed to village evangelism, moving from one village to another preaching and teaching the word of God. Providing hospitality services to the villagers showing them the true way. Reaching out to them with food, medications, clothes, Bibles and skill acquisition training form time to time.
Through this aids, we are able to save a lot of souls to the body of Christ. Your supports and donations shall be gladly received for the purpose of this outreach.This outreach in collaboration with Professor Ode Emmanuel scholarship foundation have been providing scholarship to the less privilege. At least Twenty Two (22) people yearly since inception. Some of them are in some universities in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, U.S.A, London and Brazil respectively while some of them have been graduated several years ago. You can donate here.

Certificate Program

Credit from a completed Diploma Program(s) may be transferred into a degree program.

G12 Church Growth Program

Credit from a completed Diploma Program(s) may be transferred into a degree program.

Diploma Program – 6 Modules Credit from a completed Diploma Program(s) may be transferred into a degree program.

Associate Program – 8 Modules

Credit from a completed Associate Program(s) may be transferred into Bachelor’s program.

Bachelor’s Program – 10-12 Modules

Bachelor of Biblical Study
Bachelor of Ministry Study

Bachelor of Pastoral Study

Bachelor of Christian Education

Bachelor of Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Christian Missions

Bachelor of Church Planting

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Islamic Education

Credit from a completed Bachelor Program(s) may lead to a Masters Degree program.

Masters Degree Program

Master of Biblical Study – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Ministry Study – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Pastoral Study – 4 – 6 Modules
Master of Christian Education/Religious Education – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Christian Counseling 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Christian Missions – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Christian Management – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Christian Leadership – 4 – 6 Modules

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) – 8 Modules

Master of Theology (Th.M.) – 6 Modules = (pre-requisite – Master of Divinity)
Credit from a completed Masters Program(s) may lead to a Doctorate Degree Program.

Doctorate Degree Program

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) – 4 – 6 Modules + dissertation writing

Doctor of Religious/Christian Education (D. R.Ed.)/(D. C.Ed.) – 4 – 6 Modules + dissertation

Doctor of Theology – (Th.D.) – 4 – 6 Modules + dissertation writing
The student must complete 4-6 module credits beyond the Master’s level through IBTM. In addition, the student is also required to complete a dissertation of at least 120-150 pages. When the student has finished his/her academic modules or approved course material and completes a dissertation of 120-130 pages of research they will receive a Doctor of Ministry Degree. A Master’s degree is required to enroll in this program.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – 8 Modules + dissertation writing
When a student has completed 69 credits beyond the Master’s level through IBTM and completes a dissertation of 25,000 words a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Religion, Religious Education, Homiletics, will be conferred. A Master’s degree is required to enroll in this program.


Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) – 4 Modules, and/or 15 yrs. ministry + dissertation writing
When a minister has completed at least 15 years ministry experience and willing to comply for evaluation and write his/her Ministry Project and or least 24 – 36 units home study assignments.. Doctor of Divinity can be conferred. Those less than 10 years in the ministry may get a 36 – 48 credit units depending on their ministry evaluation.


Transfer credit is not accepted into the Doctoral program. All course work must be done through the Institute. The only exception is that a student who already holds an earned doctorate may earn a Ph.D. by completing only 36 – 48 credits through the Institute.


Credit from a completed Doctorate Program(s) may be transferred into a degree program.


Doctoral Degree Curriculum Program → Doctor of Divinity – D.D.

Module Program → Doctor of Ministry – D.Min.

Module Program → D. Religious Education – D.R.Ed.

Module Program → D. Christian Education – D.C.Ed.

Module Program → Doctor of Theology – Th.D.

Module Program → Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.
Dissertation Writing

Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum

Module Program → Biblical Study

Module Program → Ministry / Ministerial Study

Module Program → Pastoral Study

Module Program → Christian Missions

Module Program → Church Planting

Module Program → Christian Education

Module Program → Christian Counseling

Module Program → Theology

Module Program → Apologetics

  • IBTM Study Centre, No 27 Abatakan Area, Off Total Bus-Stop, Old Oyo Road, Ojoo, Ibadan.
  • 08054732659, 08060885274, 08186085807, 08079235146
  • MON – SAT 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM

A. We believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God (Exodus 24:4; Psalms 19:7-10; Luke 24:44; Matthew 5:17-18), without error in the original writings (Deuteronomy 4:1-2), the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of man, and the divine and final authority for all Christian faith, life, and conduct (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21).

B. We believe in one God (John 10:30), Creator of all things (Genesis 1:1), infinitely perfect and eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).

C. We believe that Jesus Christ, without any change in His eternal deity (John 10:31-38; Hebrews 1:3), became man through conception of the Holy Spirit and virgin birth (Luke 1:31-35), that He died on the cross (Mark 15:23-26; John 19:16-18), a perfect and complete sacrifice, in our stead and for our sin according to the Scriptures (Hebrews 9:13-15; Ephesians 1:6-7). He arose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven (1 Corinthians 15:3-4; Acts 1:6-11) where, at the right hand of the Majesty on High, He is now our High Priest and Advocate (Hebrews 2:16-17).

D. We believe that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ (John 16:13-14) and, during this age, to convict of sin and regenerate the sinner upon belief in Christ (John 16:7-12; Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 6:11); at the time of regeneration baptizing the believer into the one body of which Christ is the head (Galatians 3:26-28) and to indwell, guide, instruct, fill, and empower the believer for godly living and service (Romans 8:26-27 & 15:13; Proverbs 3:5-6).

E. We believe that man was directly created by God in His own image (Genesis 1:27), but fell into sin (Genesis 3). The entire human race is, therefore, lost and only through repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10), faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:4-9), and regeneration of the Holy Spirit, can salvation and spiritual life be obtained (Romans 8:13-14).

F. We believe that the atoning death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection provide the only ground of justification and salvation for all who believe (John 14:6; Acts 4:12), and that only such as receive Jesus Christ by personal faith are born of the Holy Spirit and by Him sealed to the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:30).

G. We believe in the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 4:1), and that the hope of His appearing has a vital bearing on the personal life and service of the believer (2 Timothy 1:8-10).

H. We believe in the bodily resurrection of all the dead (Romans 8:11), of the believer to everlasting blessedness and joy with the Lord (Romans 4:7-8), and of the unbeliever to judgment and everlasting and conscious punishment (Matthew 25:46; Hebrews 10:29).

I. We believe that the Church is composed of all such persons who, through saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and are united together in the body of Christ, of which He is the head (Romans 12:4-5; 1 Corinthians 12:12-13).

J. We believe that water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances to be observed by the Church during this present age. They are, however, not to be regarded as a means of salvation (Matthew 28:19; Acts 18:8; 1 Corinthians 11:23-29).

K. We believe that all the saved should live in such a manner as will honor and glorify and not bring reproach upon their Savior and Lord, and that it is commanded of God to remain separate from false doctrine, sinful pleasures, practices, and associations (Ephesians 5:25-27; 1 Peter 2:11).


1. Must be a Christian believer and have walked and believed in the Christian faith.2. Have a definite personal conviction of a call to Christian service.

3. Have a character above reproach in the home, church and community.

4. Be physically fit as attested by a medical physician (optional).

5. Must be a High School graduate for the Bachelor Program.

6. Must be a Bachelor degree holder or its equivalent from a recognized institution for Graduate Studies.

7. Applicants for admission must be at least 18 years of age.

8. Anyone who wants to learn the Bible, the ONLY requirement is that you can read and write the English language and must be able to communicate on the internet for the FREE Bible Certificate Courses.